The systems for the supermarkets make use of the Hylas and Thetis stations, that operate in a single direction with preselected destination. These stations are used in up send situations, as sliding sleeves with separate start button (video – Hylas station) or as open tube stations with automatic departure (video – Thetis station). It is possible to equip the Thetis station with a decorative tube which also offers space for the rest of the cabling to the checkout.
Talus station is used in horizontal/down send situations. The station is located within a checkout below the working surface. Once a carrier is inserted, it cannot be removed from the station. The characteristics of this station are: automatic send, single direction traffic and single destination code.
Money in those systems can be placed in a carrier or bag continuously for onward transmission to a safe or cash office. Thus, there is no accumulation of cash in the checkout. Two-way systems are available which make it possible to return change from the cash office to the checkouts. Traffic between checkouts is normally inhibited. Personal identification is possible by using touch key systems. Most systems can keep records of all transactions thus providing valuable management information. A modern supermarket just isn’t complete without a pneumatic tube system. Telepost provides you with systems of limitless number of stations for the checkouts.