The Atlas air tube transfer system is the most modern system in the European market. Its main advantage is that it can create a small network of three stations up to a vast network of unlimited stations, according to your needs, in order to unite many points so that they can communicate with each other. It is fully automatic and can depict the route of the carrier in real time, as well as to register all of the statistic elements from the function of the system. For instance, how many deliveries take place daily, who is sending the carrier and to which direction, which are the peak hours and, in general, plenty of information that help us control all of the traffic in this system.

The Atlas system can be expanded in many zones and this provides the ability of many carriers travelling at the same time in the system. E.g. In a two-zone system two carriers can travel at the same time. The Atlas system can be applied in high-rise buildings, large facilities and it can transfer even fragile objects with its special automatic stations. The majority of hospitals is using this kind of air tube transfer system. Our company possesses the best automatic stations equipped with a menu of 12 different languages and beautiful design, that are extremely user-friendly.

Moreover, another air tube transfer system is the Neptune system, that is also used in the creation of small networks and its advantage is the low cost. This system can also connect all of the station types. It is usually used in pharmacies, small warehouses, body shops, craft industries and in places that demand an air tube transfer system up to 10 stations.

Use this system in your business and observe the time spend on internal transportations nullified, and your earnings and production spiral!