The Hydra pneumatic tube system can be applied in businesses with cash desks and is different from the system for the supermarkets in this way: It uses special piping for ramifications that are in a Y-like form and has the capacity to use special carriers or small bags. A carrier consists of 2 plastic lids durable enough so that they can carry money safely, even coins. The carrier is of a small size and this is what makes the system very discreet and more economic. Cases such as mini markets, petrol stations etc. use the Hydra pneumatic tube system everyday to protect their earnings.

With such a system the money transfer takes place safely and at a great speed. The Hydra pneumatic tube system transfers your money from the cash desk to the safe. Thus, you can channel your money to a safe place at regular periods of time during the day without abandoning your post.

Moreover, there are many cases that instead of a carrier we can use special small bags that close with a specific way for the money transfer.

The system can be applied in different types of safes according to the needs of each business. It is a one-way system and can cover numerous cash desks. Each cash desk can have as many as carriers as they wish and send as often money into the safe. Therefore, someone doesn’t have to send the money away from the cash desk every minute, as this is something done automatically now.

Why remain vulnerable to the bad intentions of some malicious people? Why run the risk of losing your earnings?

With this pneumatic tube system your cash register remains secure without large amounts in it, so you don’t risk losing your earnings.

All in all, you can have your peace of mind and your money safe.