The pneumatic tube system plays a very crucial role in businesses and organizations where a lot of money is collected in the cash register, as in supermarkets, petrol stations, theme parks, post offices, tollbooths, etc. The systems designed for such kind of businesses are safe, ergonomic and meet easily every requirement you can imagine.

The cash desk was once described as the most vulnerable square meter of a business. It is close to the exit and many people pass by, among whom might be a few with bad intentions, tempted by the contents of the cash register that is in front of them. The pneumatic tube systems in supermarkets make it possible to transfer money during trading hours instead of after closing time and without abandoning your post. The prevention of robberies and injuries is a strong argument why you should invest in a pneumatic tube system. Furthermore, due to the capability of locking the carrier, the cashiers are still held responsible for their cash deposits.

We offer a wide variety of systems that provide complete records, such as reports of the transports, of the times each cash desk sends money to the safe and the exact time. In our days, technology allows us to keep record of almost everything inside our business and construct the perfect system for you.

Specifically, the pneumatic tube systems in supermarkets offer priceless help in carrying out the daily transportations. Indicatively, some of their applications are:

  • The frequent transfer of the earnings in a safe place.
  • The transfer of the vouchers from the delivery department at the accounts department.
  • The transfer of small items that may be a target for thieves at the cash desk from the sales area, so that the customer can get them.
  • The transfer of internal mail to the various departments.