Diana 2 – 6 Points

A pneumatic air tube system that can be applied in cases there is one central station and this central station is meant to communicate with the other stations. The difference of this pneumatic air tube system is that all of the stations can communicate only with the central station and the central station with all of the stations. The stations cannot communicate with each other.

This pneumatic air tube system can be applied in cases such as:

  • different samples from the production department need to be sent to a central laboratory or quality control and the laboratory to send the answers back to the various production points.
  • vouchers from the warehouse and some other office need to be sent to the accounting office and the accounting office to interact bidirectionally with them.
  • different cash desks that send money to a central cash desk that is counting the money and that is places in a safe place.

Those are typically some of the applications of this system. Nonetheless, the benefits that someone might get from using this pneumatic air tube system are equivalent to the other system types and there are multiple advantages in every application.

This system can be used in two pipe diameter sizes, F110 and F160. It can carry weight up to 10 kilos and to expand up to six points. This means that six stations communicate with one central and the central with six points.

Due to the fact that the Atlas-Neptune system has been evolved much more and can now have the same function as Diana, this system is not used so often anymore as it was used in the past. This is always judged taking into consideration the specific needs of every company.