The glorification of competition lies here. The point in industries is to achieve more at a lower cost. This is the common philosophy of the secondary production companies. The pneumatic tubes in industries not only help in the creation of a safe environment, but also speed up the job to be done. Did you ever wonder how much it costs to transfer the samples from the production department to the Quality Control?

Pneumatic tube systems are an essential tool for industries. Speed and quality control play a crucial role within a logistical or production process. For example, the system has prevented the production of defective products due to the rapid speed that it provides for the Quality Control. Indeed, the carrier runs 6 meters per second and there is no limit in the distance. Every day industries face new challenges. Whether it is the transfer of milk, wheat, chemicals, textile, paper or hot steel samples, the pneumatic tube system is the key to the quality control process.

Special equipment and control systems have been developed for the industry. The CE certification is just one of the many standards that our systems meets. We supply systems that function perfectly in a very dusty, or hot, or cold, or ‘inhospitable” environment. Our reference list is long and contains big names, automotive industries, computer industries, oil refineries, food industries and various industries that manufacture from bottle caps to ship engines.
The pneumatic tube system is always applicable taking advantage of its capabilities whether by travelling underground for kilometers, or by climbing high-rise buildings, and it deals with every possible situation.

A pneumatic tube system does not talk about football, it does not hang around, it goes always outside even when it rains, it cannot make up excuses and it does its job without grumbling. Use a pneumatic tube system once and you won’t be able to do without it.