The use of pneumatic tube systems in offices is an application that can save time and money for your company. Indeed, with a pneumatic tube system the transfer of paperwork takes place without the employees having to leave their post. Orders, invoices, internal notes and cards are transferred automatically and rapidly. Thus, you can work undistracted in an organized environment and get focused on your job and not on carrying documents up and down.

Pneumatic tube systems in offices can connect different offices, floors, or even buildings! Taking advantage of the power of air, the systems do not have any limit regarding distance. In addition, there are different kinds of system to meet every demand.

Specifically, we have developed security systems for the banks which make the “open” counter function possible. The transfer of cash and vouchers is done silently and fast, thus gaining safety for the bank’s areas.
All of the systems are designed taking into account functionality and safety. There are carriers of different colours for different destinations, as well as carriers that can be locked.
Each application is very easy to adapt to the design and functional form of your store.

We mention some of the applications, suggestions and solutions:

  • The automatic stations system, for very frequent transfers.
  • The horizontal receipt of carriers on the desk.
  • The connection of “private places” for discreet operations.