Dynamic and designed to aim at efficiency, speed and reducing the expediture, hospital pneumatic tube systems relieve the nursing staff from the pressure of work, so that they can pay more attention to the patients. Indeed, the carrier in a pneumatic tube system flies at a speed of 4-7 m/s through the system.

In a hospital, the rapid and efficient transport of blood and tissue samples, x-rays, drugs and documents can be life-saving. Thus, we offer training to your staff so that errors due to misunderstanding of the system and carelessness are avoided.

A network of tubes allows the staff to choose freely the destination they wish. The transportation is quick, silent and costs just a fraction of the regular transportation method. Moreover, we are experts in the expansion of your system. Whether you need one more station or ten stations, our company can easily add stations and the necessary equipment for the expansion of your system.

Special stations have been developed for the health services. The greatest care was exercised in choosing the materials and developing the system control. For example, no air escapes in places it shouldn’t, as in operating rooms.

The materials are easily cleaned and withstand chemical spillages. The transfer of delicate items, such as blood and tissue samples can take place in the hospital pneumatic tube systems without any risks.

The transportation and receipt are guaranteed shockproof. We will gladly pass to your clinical analyst the results as measured.

Hospital pneumatic tube systems are used for the transfer of:

  • Samples from Accident and Emergency or Outpatients Department to the lab.
  • X-rays.
  • Bags of blood from the Blood Bank.
  • Blood tests from the Operating Room to Pathology.
  • Menu cards to the kitchen.
  • Medicines and drugs from the Pharmacy.
  • Internal mail.
  • Lab results.
  • Documents for admissions.
  • Small items.