Volidas in Industries

Industries require speed, especially in the Quality Control Department. The pneumatic tube system plays a vital role in the production and distribution process. We provide industries with systems that operate perfectly in places with a lot of dust, heat, cold and generally in a “hostile” environment. The pneumatic tube system always finds the way, by taking advantage of its skills, either by traveling kilometers underground or by climbing tall buildings, and faces every possible situation.

Volidas in Offices

Orders, invoices, internal notes and customer cards are transferred automatically and rapidly. You don’t have to get up from your office every now and then to go to another place; all are done automatically at high speed.

You win while resting…

Volidas in Super markets

The checkout is the most vulnerable point of a business. It is close to the exit and many people pass by, some of whom have bad intentions, tempted by the contents of the cash drawer in front of them. With the pneumatic tube system, money is not accumulated in the checkout and you don’t run the risk of losing your earnings.

Volidas in Hospitals

The pneumatic tube system transfers sensitive items such as blood, plasma, etc. with absolutely no risk. Hospitals usually have larger pneumatic tube systems because they unite all clinics and departments with the laboratories for the transport of blood and tests. Telepost designs dynamical systems for the purpose of efficiency, speed and low cost. The pneumatic tube system relieves the nursing staff from the pressure of work, so they can pay more attention to the patients and not to transports.