Air tubes are the solution for your business. There are various systems to choose from.
The most simple and economic system but also very effective is the two-way system or point-to-point that can be applied anywhere and perform thousands of deliveries. It could be characterized as the most versatile and adaptable system because the carrier comes in many different sizes and, without ramifications just with the analogous piping, the system can be constructed immediately. For instance, the most common carrier size is F110 but the applications that a point-to-point system can have start from F63 up to F500. A carrier can carry up to 20 kilos. The distance a carrier can travel is about 1 km and its speed can remain stable at 6m/sec by installing the proper air motor.

A point-to-point system can have various applications in many companies regarding the transfer of paperwork, money, samples and items from one point to another, one office to another, one floor to another, even from one building to another. It can easily unite long distances for the transportation of samples in factories but also small distances such as lofts, for the connection and fast communication between departments. A carrier can carry anything that fits inside it, even liquid or sensitive items.

Telepost constructs and produces fully such kind of systems with great quality and reliability for many years. The systems are durable and do not need any service.

We suggest that you install this system and start enjoying its advantages from the very first minute. It will make your job easier, safer, faster and more comfortable.