Each company has its own needs and particularities, thus it requires an individual approach. To us the term “custom-made” means listening carefully to our customer’s needs. We are specialists in constructing custom-made pneumatic tube systems that fulfill every demand of your company.
The flexibility of the “Atlas” system that we have developed allows us to adapt our systems to every demand.

The great power of Telecom lies in its vertical integration and in the capability of direct communication among its departments. This enables us to have the complete control of everything regarding our systems; from prototype design and manufacture to software development and service of the systems after the sale. Our company trades in pneumatic tube systems for 30 years and can offer you the most complete professional experience for every system.

We provide professional manuals and we guarantee that you purchase a quality system for which the spare parts can be supplied for at least ten years after delivery (in practice, for at least fifteen years).

Custom-made pneumatic tube systems also means:

  • Stainless constructions for chemical applications.
  • Transfer of items up to 10 kg.
  • Transfer of samples at high speed.
  • Innumerable individual applications.
  • Extremely long underground sections.
  • Complete solutions with the help of robotics.