The Air Tube System is a system that transfers fast (6m/sec), paper, money and objects, by air through a net of tubes.
The systems can carry some grammars to almost 15 Kg.
There is no distance limitation. Air tube systems can travel very far to transfer items. It just needs air resupply in every kilometer.

There are many things that define the cost of a system. It depends on the size, the length, how many points need to be connected, the specific functions it needs to be able to do, the weight it needs to carry etc.

You can download the Free E-book on how to design the right way the Air Tube System and call one of our technicians for a free study at your space.

We can create a net of as many stations (points) you wish. There is no restriction.

The Air Tube System can start from 2 points and can be indefinite.

Anything that is the size that could fit inside the carriers can be transferred through the pneumatic tube system. Even sensitive objects like blood, plasma, drugs and eye glasses could be transferred with safety.

Also liquids or solid samples, such as oil, wheat or metal can be transferred through a pneumatic tube system in many laboratories very fast.

Even money goes from the cashier to the safety box, as well as paperwork of all types. These are some of the usual objects that a pneumatic tube system could

Anywhere there is frequent transportation of objects or need for safety, the pneumatic tube system could be found exceptionally useful.

Some of the usual applications is at: Hospitals, Supermarkets, Warehouses, Industries, Offices, Banks, Petrol Stations, Cinemas, Car Service Centers, Pharmacies, Small Industries etc.